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This is how you get your dream job or your dream apartment.

Application interview

Application interview: New job – Questions

Application interview: New job – 5 seconds challenge

Flat viewing – questions for tenants

As a tenant, you should ask these questions.

Apartment visit: Questions for tenants – Questions

Apartment visit: Questions for tenants – 5 seconds challenge

Apartment visit – questions from the landlord

You should prepare yourself for these questions from the landlord or broker.

Apartment visit: Questions from the landlord – Questions

Apartment visit: Questions from the landlord – 5 seconds challenge

Application interview for Job & Apartment

In our check we have the most important questions for you on the subject of job interviews and for the new dream apartment or dream house! With two units, you will get to know all the important questions that may arise in an assessment situation. Especially for job interviews on the job and with the new landlord. Good luck with the online training. There are two practice units each: Exercise & 5 seconds Challenge.

  • Exercise: Here you can prepare for your next job interview – for the job and for your new apartment. You have as much time as you want to answer the questions at the exercise session.
  • 5 seconds challenge: In the 5 seconds challenge you learn to give short and concise answers to the questions of the online course. The question is updated every 5 seconds – so you get the most profit from the short challenge unit.

Get to know

new people

Online Test: Get to know people

New in town? Get to know new people and yourself!

Small Talk

The best questions for all situations. How to break the ice!

Small Talk – Questions

Words of Wisdom

Energy for everyday life!

Words of Wisdom – Quotes

Get to know new people

New in town? With these questions you will quickly get to know new people!

Get to know people – Questions

Get to know yourself

To get to know the central questions around oneself!

To get to know yourself – Questions

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